How Badugi Poker Is Played

Badugi poker is a new game that is absolutely taking off like wildfire in online poker rooms. Action packed Badugi combines some of the most exciting elements of poker with a brand new spin on how hands are valued. In Badugi, the best low hand wins the game and the pot. The best low Badugi hand is made up of only four cards, with none of them having the same suit and none having the same rank. For example, a great Badugi hand would have an ace of spades, a two of hearts, a three of diamonds, and a four of clubs. If you are holding four cards with a different suit and a different rank, then you have a Badugi hand. If you are looking for tips than you should read this Badugi poker strategy article.

Badugi Poker Rules For Dealing
When dealing Badugi poker, each player is dealt four cards in a clockwise direction starting from the player on the small blind, which is the player to the left of the dealer chip. The action will begin with the player to the left of the big blind, and will continue clockwise around the table.

Playing Badugi Poker
After the four cards are dealt around the table, the first round of betting begins. There are variations of Badugi such as Half Pot Limit, Pot Limit, and Limit Badugi which will determine the betting amounts for each round. For the first round of betting, the first player clockwise from the big blind will act first. This player may fold, raise, or call, while each player in order is asked to either fold, raise, call, or check. Once each person has had their turn and all bets are made, the game moves on to the first draw.

During the first draw in Badugi poker, players may draw from zero to four cards, clockwise with the first player next to the dealer button beginning the draw. Players select the cards from their hand that they wish to keep and those they wish to draw in order to replace. If a player chooses to draw no cards, this is known as a ‘standing pat’. Once the first draw is complete for all players, another round of betting takes place at the low end of the bid.

A second drawing round that is the same as the first ensues. A third round of betting takes place, the high end of the bidding limit is used for the stakes during this round. This is followed by a third draw round, the same as the second. At this point, if the deck has run out, the dealer will reshuffle the discards as needed. The final betting round arrives and is carried out under the same rules, using the high end of the bidding limit, followed by a showdown of remaining players.

The showdown during Badugi poker follows the same rules of Texas Holdem. The player who bet last is called and shows his or her cards first. If there were no bets in the last round, the showdown would begin with the first player who is holding cards and is clockwise from the dealer button. Just as in Texas Holdem, players with losing hands can choose to show or muck. The winner is announced and awarded the pot based on the lowest hand that is made from different suits and ranks.

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