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Casino Dining Pleasures

Casino Dining Pleasures

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by March 4, 2017 Smart Casino

Every gambler knows that gambling at the table can only go so far without one stopping for meal or for quick bite. It is never a problem where food is concerned.

Lavish Buffets

Casino buffets are well known all around the world for being ultra simple to very lavish. Super size spreads offer a wide range of choices even the most stringent eater would be satisfied.

Buffets were originally designed as a low-cost way to keep players within the building as compared to having long meal breaks wherein the players may just opt not to come back afterwards.

Many people still consider casino buffets as a popular meal choice. The standard all-you-can-eat buffets price ranges from $12-$45 and serve foods that range from the standard sandwich/salad bar to exotic meals like lobsters to triple deck black forest cakes. The higher the buffet price, the more varied the menu will be.

A trick which casinos now use is to entice even non-gamblers to partake of the buffet without even playing any game. Casino owners hope that once people enter the casino to eat in the buffet, they might just try a game or two and get hooked. Many casinos have an all-you-can-eat all day buffet with special variants or dishes rotating within the day.


Most casinos have sit-down restaurants inside the area, ranging from the standard coffee shops to a very formal dining hall. Casinos in Atlantic City offer patrons the chance to dine on board a riverboat casino or offer a river view while eating.

Some casinos have gone the extra mile by offering free massage services to playing patrons in need to relax tired shoulder and back areas of the gamer.

Favorite Cuisines

Italian cuisine and grilled food are the top sellers within any casino restaurant. Many casinos offer a variety such as Chinese and Mexican but pasta always seems to be the gamblers choice. From time to time the casino may offer a specific festival of food from a certain country to help pull in gamblers and non-gambles into the area.

Delis also score big with gamblers who would just like to grab a quick bite and resume playing.. The most commonly ordered sandwiches are BLT, Ham and Cheese, Tuna, and the favorite ClubHouse sandwich.

More than one type of bar can be found along the inner walkways of the casino. There ar the classy bars that requires a dress code and casual ones that can quickly hand over a beer as quickly as one can drink them.

Food is never far away or closer to all gamblers in a casino. One simply has to decide from the vast array of food presented that would catch the players fancy.


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